“Dear Anita”
I am writing this email to let you know how appreciative Angie and I are to have come to know you. When I first contacted Re/Max I was coming off a bad experience with a friend who was also a Realtor. Fortunately, I never signed a contract with him, nor did he really do anything. Anita was the first Realtor to actually listen to what I was saying about my experience and what our needs were. I listened to what she had to say then agreed to you coming out. I was pleasantly surprised. The diligence and preparation for the meeting was second to none. I didn’t have to fill out any sheets of paper, or forms about the house, or give you any information concerning it since you obviously gathered all the information yourself first. The professionalism you exhibited in our first meeting was also second to none. Anita’s presentation was done so precise and right that it left nothing more to be said, so we decided to take a leap of faith and go with the plan. Anita’s flare for staging and her guidance in getting the house ready was perfect. She wasted no time in telling us exactly what needed to be done with the house to achieve maximum dollars for it. We worked hard and did everything we could do that you recommended on the list. I remember sending you an email cancelling a bunch of projects since we were about out of money, then the next thing I know Anita comes out to the house with bags of mulch. The words above and beyond service rang true. I couldn’t believe it. Through this entire process that was what happened. You never let us down. You were always there with us. It still amazes me that we asked for a price, got it, and closed in 30 days. It may not seem like much in today’s market, but we know what the house looked like since our remodeling had stopped. To top that off instead of emailing us the contract you sat down with Angie and I on a Sunday night in person to go over it. That doesn’t happen much in today’s world.

The day we were moving out of the house you called saying you are bringing lunch over and I thought how amazing is this again. I can truly say I have never experienced service like this before. I have been in the services industry for a very long time and I can honestly say you provide a level of service that is far above what is mostly out there. I know lunch may have been a small thing for you, but for us, well, we were hungry and you had perfect timing again. You even brought lunch for the movers!

Even though we were looking to purchase something a lot smaller and less expensive you still took the same amount of time remembering what we said at the beginning about our needs, then made sure it happened for us. You were the exact same professional you were from the beginning. Even though you were making almost nothing on the deal it didn’t seem to matter to you.

I’ll sum it up like this…

I wanted someone to actually listen and provide a plan based on our needs and you did.

I wanted a high level of service and we got it. You always answered the phone when I called. And, if you didn’t I always knew you would call me back. I never had to call you twice.

I wanted someone not to sugar coat things, but to tell the truth no matter what and you did.

I wanted someone to really care about a customer and you did.

I wanted someone to make it happen and you did.

Angie and I needed easy and you gave us easy.

You made sure we found a place that fit us. Even at the cost of telling us “no” to properties we were either wanting to look at or saw. You helped us find the perfect place.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you said you would do. Thank you for your service to Angie and I. You are true and honest. It has been a blessing to know you. See you at the chili cook off. May the best Chili (mine) win!

Stephen and Angie Eichenbaum